pictures and accounts from wildlife trips and my time at RSPB Saltholme

Weather update for RSPB Saltholme

Tuesday through to Thursday, the weather should be not too bad with some good sunny spells on offer, especially during the mornings. For all three days there will be a shower risk, more especially on Wednesday when they could be heavy. Temperatures on the cool side thanks to a northerly breeze, typical maxima around 14 Celsius, although it should feel nice in the June sun. 

Things go downhill as we head towards the weekend, with cloud and rain spreading in from the south-west during Friday. The unsettled conditions persisting through the weekend with occasionally strong winds. Temperatures around average.


Red fox

Seen at RSPB Saltholme, hunting around the reed beds close to the Discovery Zone. It was just a few feet away from me a couple of times today – amazing!


Large red damselfly

Seen at RSPB Saltholme, at our Discovery Zone ponds.


Great diving beetle

Another one caught in our Discovery Zone ponds today – second one in the last two weeks!



We have a fish tank which we get families to contribute to through the day so everyone can see what can be caught. It is emptied back into the ponds at the end of the day. It gives a great snapshot of our ponds!


Herring gull chick

Visitor brought it in after rescuing it. The bird will be hand-reared before being released 🙂


Nine-spined stickleback

Seen in our Discovery Zone ponds at RSPB Saltholme. Number of spines is variable – ours had 11!



Seen at Aldbrough, East Yorks, this stunning bird made us forget about the cloud and rain. The bird was a little distant for my camera but we got excellent views through the binoculars.


Woodchat shrike

Seen at Winterton dunes. Taken in low light, hence the noise. A lovely bird though!


Broad-bodied chaser

Seen at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen. This female was dipping at the ponds. Not the best photo but an interesting one!